What You Don’t Know About Your 100,000 Mile Warranty


Do you own a new or newer car with a 100k mile warranty? If so… what they don’t tell you is you must do your oil change and fluid maintenance on a scheduled basis (your owners manual will tell you when its due or you can contact us) and be able to prove it if you have a major power train break down during the warranty period.

If you cannot prove all services were done during the recommended miles and you have a major engine/transmission failure this can VOID YOUR WARRANTY!

But don’t worry….
You DO NOT need to go to a dealer to maintain your vehicle! If you do your maintenance with a reputable shop (such as Pinellas Auto) they should be able to print you out all of your maintenance records. Our shop allows customers to access all maintenance and repair history from the comfort of home through our secure website. If you haven’t accessed this service just shoot us an email or respond to this post and we will get you on board this great tool! It is complimentary to all customers!

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