Our Free Auto Repair Winner in Tarpon Springs!!! Learn how one local woman received free auto repair in Tarpon Springs. Since 1986, our family has kept hundreds of families on the road.

FREE AUTO REPAIR WINNER – Pinellas Auto held a contest asking customers and local businesses to nominate someone who was in desperate need of car repair and could not afford to have them done. We received quiet a few nominations. It was hard to choose just one winner. However, a choice was made. The chosen woman works two jobs and helps support her mother who has a degenerative eye condition and cannot drive.

We performed $1200 of FREE AUTO REPAIR to this hard working, well deserving woman’s vehicle! We towed her very sick Chevy Camaro from where it was sitting for over a year due to the many repairs it needed as well as a huge hole in the windshield from local kids throwing bricks at it. Our expert technicians here at Pinellas Auto transformed it into a running, reliable vehicle for her to use for work.

We would like to thank several businesses who partnered with Pinellas Auto to make all repairs happen! Thank you to our local Advance Auto Parts Center for providing many of the parts, Bradford’s Towing who provided FREE towing service and ABBS Auto Glass for replacing the windshield at a fraction of the cost. We were so happy to provide this service to a wonderful, well deserving person. Wishing for many happy, trouble free miles to our winner Amanda!! Free Auto Repair Winner!

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