Auto Air Conditioning Service

Air-conditioning service is performed when an air conditioning unit is not cooling down the interior cabin properly. Your vehicle needs to be brought in right away for the air conditioning if you’re getting a rattling or any other unusual noise only when the air-conditioning system is activated.

It is time for an auto air-conditioning service if it takes longer than 10 minutes to cool down the interior of the cabin of the vehicle you’re driving.

At Pinellas Auto we are air-conditioning specialists. Not many shops are true AC specialists. We have all the cutting edge equipment and experience behind it to know exactly what’s going on with your air conditioning system.

When the service is performed we are checking for pressures within the system, mechanical performance, refrigerant flow and testing for leaks.

Air-conditioning systems can lose refrigerant and crucial refrigerant oil on a yearly basis. Improperly serviced air conditioning systems with not enough oil added back into the system can cause major component failure.

Air-conditioning service takes approximately 1 to 1 1/2 hours and customers are more than welcome to relax in our comfortable waiting area knowing the industry experts are working on your vehicle.