Cooling System Service Flush

At Pinellas Auto we are cooling system specialists. Not many shops are true specialists in this area.

The reason for needing cooling system servicing/flashing is:

Anti-freeze goes bad (sour) over time. The majority of the coolants in current models today last three years or 30,000 miles. Check your owners manual to know exactly when this should be performed. Or stop on by or call so we can check the condition for you.

Rust inhibitors built into antifreeze breakdown over time and instead of prohibiting rust it will allow it to form inside the cooling system.

NOT Maintaining your cooling system will cause parts to rust from the inside out and will eventually create a leak.

Properly maintained cooling systems will prevent costly repairs to items such as Radiators, water pumps, heater cores, thermostat housings & intake gaskets.

Cooling system service takes approximately 1-2 hours. We have a clean and comfortable waiting area to relax in while knowing your service is being handled by industry experts.