Drive Belt Replacement

Over time, drive belts crack, become glazed, and can squeak or even break. For optimal performance and reliability, they should be replaced at the recommended interval by the manufacturer. Learn more about our drive belt replacement service.

We recommend replacing drive belts if related components are being repaired and the belts have signs of wear, have over 30,000 miles on them or if engine oil or antifreeze is leaking onto them.

We recommend replacing all the drive belts as a set, so that they wear evenly.

At Pinellas Auto we use high-quality drive belts which are less likely to squeak and or prematurely fail or wear out.

Drive Belt Replacement Symptoms

Symptoms of wear or failure of a belt:

  • Visually the belt(s) look dry, cracked, or glazed.
  • Belts can create a chirping or squeaking noise only while the engine is running.