Head Gasket Replacement

Common Symptoms that You Need a Head Gasket Replacement

Head gasket failures are often a result of an overheated engine, but can also be caused from high mileage and or age of the vehicle. Do you need a head gasket replacement?

An early signal of a failing head gasket will be your engine running rough when the vehicle is first started, especially after it has been sitting for a long period of time (overnight). The running rough will go away after the engine runs and heat up, usually 5 to 10 seconds.

A leaking head gasket will often leak engine coolant into the oil creating a mix of those two fluids which will make it appear milky in substance and the oil level may be higher than normal.

Compromised head gaskets can produce a white smoke from the tailpipe some would say it smells “sweet”.

How can you prevent this costly repair bill?

To prevent head gasket replacement it is recommended you’re cooling system should be inspected and tested on a regular basis and engine coolant replaced as needed. Fresh coolant is less likely to break down the head gasket material.

You can also prevent head gasket failure by never overheating your engine! Always pay attention to your temperature gauge! If it goes to 3/4 or above PULL TO THE SIDE OF THE ROAD & SHUT OFF THE ENGINE!

At Pinellas Auto we are very thorough during a head gasket job. We will advise you if there are any other parts that should be replaced at the same time during the job to prevent future costly repairs. For example, a $6 by-pass hose that if it leaked 6 months later would cost hundreds of dollars in labor and an afternoon headache of a tow into a repair shop. It is this attention to detail which provides a value to our customers and gives you piece of mind driving protection.