2017 Toyota Highlander

  • 2017 Toyota Highlander

    Toyota Highlander
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    • DRIVER'S FLOOR MAT – CHECK – [Check installation of driver's floor mat. Only use the driver's floor mat designed specifically for the model and model year of the vehicle. Always properly secure the driver's floor mat using the retaining hooks. Never install another floor mat on top of the existing driver's floor mat. Never install the driver's floor mat upside down.] BALL JOINT & DUST COVERS – INSPECT BRAKE LINEHOSE CONNECTIONS – INSPECT BRAKE SYSTEM – INSPECT – [Visually inspect brake linings/drums and brake pads/discs. Inspect thickness measurement and disc runout.] DRIVE BELTS – INSPECT – [Initial inspection at 60,000 miles/72 months. Inspect every 15,000 miles/18 months thereafter.] DRIVESHAFT BOOTS – INSPECT ENGINE COOLANT – INSPECT – [Inspect coolant fluid and engine oil cooler hoses and connections.] EXHAUST PIPES & MOUNTS – INSPECT FLUID LEVELS – INSPECT – [Inspect and adjust all fluid levels.] FUEL SYSTEM – INSPECT – [Inspect fuel lines and connections, fuel tank band and fuel tank vapor vent system hoses. Fuel tank cap gasket.] RADIATOR & CONDENSER – INSPECT STEERING SYSTEM – INSPECT – [Inspect steering gear box, steering linkage and boots.] TRANSFER CASE FLUID – INSPECT TRANSMISSION FLUID – INSPECT – [Inspect automatic transmission fluid cooler hoses and connections. Automatic transmission for signs of leakage.] WIPER BLADES – INSPECT AIR CLEANER ELEMENT – REPLACE CABIN AIR FILTER – REPLACE ENGINE OIL & FILTER – REPLACE – [Reset the oil replacement reminder light ("MAINT REQD") or the message "OIL MAINTENANCE REQUIRED" on the multi-information display after maintenance at every 5,000 miles.] TIRES – ROTATE – [Check tire tread depth and for uneven or excessive wear.]
    • Remove All 4 Tires, Inspect For Abnormal Tire Wear, Inspect Brakes, Check Air Pressure, Rotate Tires and Torque Wheels to Specifications
    • CABIN AIR FILTER – Remove & Replace
    • Lubricate and check chassis. Change oil and oil filter. Check air filter and breather filter. Check all fluid levels and tire pressures. Preform basic safety inspection. Road test vehicle.
    • Inspect brakes through wheels and road test.
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